The Faculty is recruited only by invitation from among scholars of repute. The appointments are usually on a yearly basis. The output of the scholars is closely watched for quality, shortfalls in quantity being excusable! The work of the School is assessed once in two years, or more frequently, by outside assessors who are reputed scholars or distinguished in some walks of life.

The scholars may be either resident in the premises, in the rooms provided, or they may be on a visiting basis. There is a category of Junior Fellows. Promising young scholars are selected for various specific projects.

ISDL has seven faculties:  

Linguistics (General, Historical and Comparative): Prof. B. Sridevi

Linguistics (Applied): Prof. G.K. Panikkar, Prof. V. Syamala

Tribal Research & Dialect Survey: Prof. B. Ramakrishna Reddy, Mr. T. Madhava Menon IAS (Retd.)

Tamil Research & Translation: Prof. Gloria Sundaramathy & Prof. K. Nachimuthu,

Malayalam Research & Translation: Prof. Naduvattom Gopalakrishnan

Kannada Research & Translation: Prof. M. Rama,

Bengali & Speech Technology Studies: Dhrubajyoti Das

A well-equipped Computer Unit, Speech Research Unit, Language Laboratory, a good and functional Library supervised by Mrs.Sreekumary TS and an Administrative Department supervised by Mrs. V.R. Salini are functioning. A modest guesthouse and a canteen serve the guests.

Research Fellowships (Senior & Junior)
Prof. V.R. Prabodhachandran Nayar, Dr. N. Muraleedharan Nair, Dr. Varija N., D. Mano, Dhrubajyothi Das, Renjith Sekhar R., Stalin Sardar, Arup Pandit, Akash Bhagat, Vijaya Lekshmi C.S., Aiswariya G. Shajan, Soumya S.P., Dr. B. Sudha Bai, Dr. Marykutty

Two museums - one for Bengali culture and the other for tribal culture - are also functioning. These need augmentation.

There are fourteen buildings; the total area of the buildings 9,689 sq. meters. The ISDL campus of 27 acres (11 hectares approx.) has flourishing greenery of Acacia, Eucalyptus, Coconut trees, Cashew trees and Mango trees.

The last resting place of our beloved founder, Professor V.I. Subramoniam, where his cremation took place, is at the north-east corner of the campus. A smrithi mandapam in his memory is situated in between library and the guest-house.

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